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MoBillions is a small Silicon Valley mobile start-up made of bright people committed to changing the world of commerce. We are dedicated to saving you time, effort and money, and giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

Our promise to you: Your Time and Money, Well Spent!

MoBillions' mobile app for consumers:

  • finds nearby merchants with special offers you want,
  • shows you comparable local and online prices for products you are considering,
  • instantly negotiates price matches and unadvertised discounts at stores you visit,
  • eliminates waiting in check out lines, and
  • generates savings for merchants they can pass on to you.

At each step of the purchase process from product and merchant discovery through faster payment and delivery, MoBillions mobile apps and services will totally transform your brick and mortar shopping experiences in ways that few people can dream today.

Do you want to change the world?

Few people can visualize such an dramatically transformed future. Even fewer have the passion and dedication to realize it. We are looking for those few extraordinary individuals: the people who will help us complete and expand our products and services, those who will evangelize and deliver them to a sleeping world, and those who will support them in adoption and ensure reliable, secure, and universal service.

If you are one of these extraordinary few, join the revolution.

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We are looking for volunteers who are committed to creating a new form of commerce where everyone wins. Learn More.

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MoBillions trial service is currently under development and is presently is only available to consumers and merchants by invitation only. to indicate your interst visit the appropriate web site.

Back Us
MoBillions is a privately held company founded in 2010 by experienced Silicon Valley start-up veterans: Scott McGregor, Atul Shinde, Ben Simon-Thomas and Mark Wise. If you are a qualified accredited investor interested in participating in our upcoming financing rounds, please email us at [email protected].

If you are not an investor but want to contribute a donation to support our work, click here to donate.

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