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coupons to MoBillionsYour Time And Money. Well Spent!
Imagine you got all the discounts, rewards, and special offers you want, at the best prices from any convenient merchant -- all without time wasted scanning ads, clipping coupons, or a carrying a wallet full of rewards cards...

Free for Consumers AND Merchants!

Radar O'ReillyYour own Personal Shopping Assistant
What makes MoBillions special is our Radar O'Reilly-like Personal Shopping Assistant embedded in your mobile phone that searches high and wide 24x7 for bargains, rewards, and the best prices from places you like, compares prices and silently negotiates matching prices or personalized special offers, and provides speedy check out alternatives.

No spam
MoBillions doesn't spam you with offers when you are busy with other activities; it gives you purchase time when you want them, based on where you are, or what you are currently interested in buying.

Discovery -> Payment -> Delivery
MoBillions is more than a mere mobile rewards system or payment system; it supports you across the entire commerce spectrum from initial product search and discovery through comparison of alternatives and finally supporting mobile payment and delivery. Shopping is much easier with a unified solution across all phases.

We are dedicated to giving you all the things you want for less time, effort and money!

What would be possible if there were an open platform community for Mobile Commerce? One NOT controlled by one of the BIG companies we keep hearing about in press releases.

Imagine a technical community that creates the means for mobile commerce applets from individual programmers that focus on just doing one thing well (scanning bar codes, comparing prices, selecting advertising, processing payments, distributing coupons, rewarding loyalty, enabling mobile delivery in crowds...) could do more than merely co-exist as silos of information on the same phone.

What if this community jointly created and delivered a platform where those applets were tightly integrated and able to provide end users even more value as a result?

What if we, the founders of MoBillions, were the people to create this community, and instantly became the "go to" guys for anyone interested in Mobile Commerce?

What if this was a community for people who is NOT willing to have their destiny dictated by the BIG companies? A place where individual developers can successfully compete with big companies -- on the basis of their ability more clearly recognize the needs and desires of users, and their ability to deliver increased usability and value -- not through the market power to lock other players out.

By the BIG companies I mean: the big handset companies (LG, Nokia, Samsung...), the big Mobile Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint...), the big MobileOS companies (Apple/iOS, Google/Android, RIM/Blackberry...) or the big Credit Card networks (Visa, MasterCard, Amex...) or big Banks (Wells Fargo, BankAmerica, Citibank...).

What if MoBillions was a community that empowered "the little guys'?
By the little guys, I mean the individual inventor or programmer working nights and weekends, the struggling entrepreneur, the small and medium size merchants, the fledgling social and mobile advertising agencies, and the individual consumer. Who is looking after the interests of the little guys? Who will be the champion for the consumer who wants to enjoy the benefits of mobile commerce, and willing to invest their time and effort in mastering a mobile commerce system, but doesn't want to be thereby tied into a permanent relationship with a single mobile carrier, phone set manufacturer, or financial institution for years at a time?

While each of us may be powerless against the BIG companies as individuals, is there not power in numbers when individuals organize around a common cause? What is possible if through our efforts small merchants, individual programmers, and consumers were able their own agendas met by combining in the thousands?... In the millions?... Or dare I say it?... In the (mo)Billions?

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